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Suppliers with interesting info


Logo Agri-food laboratories Agri-food laboratories (SGS) (laboratory analysis)


Logo Aquamat Aquamat (irrigation mat)


Logo aquathermat Aquathemat (irrigation/heating mat)


Logo Argus controls Argus Controls (environment control)


Logo De Ruiter seeds De Ruiter Seeds (seed breeder)


Logo Draam Dramm (chemical sprayer and irrigation material)


Logo EclipseEclipse (greenhouse shading paint)


Logo Enza zaden Enza Zaden (seed breeder)

Logo Erma Zaden Erma Zaden (grainetier)

Logo GrodanGrodan (rockwool substrate)


Logo irrometer Irrometer (tensiometer)


Jain irrigation Jain irrigation (irrigation products)


Logo Klerks Hyplast Klerks-Hyplast (plastic covering)


Logo MixRiteLogo Tefen MixRite  (proportional fertilizer injector)


Logo NetafimNetafim (irrigation material)


Logo Oakton Oakton (measurement instruments)


Logo P.L. Light system P.L.light systems (artificial lighting)


Logo RainBirdRainbird (irrigation control)


Logo sensaphone Sensaphone (monitoring system)


Logo Superior controls co Superior controls co. (Sterling irrigation controller)


Logo West Penetone West Penetone (disinfection and cleaning)


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IQDHO (Quebec’s center of expertise in ornamental horticulture)

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