Project cost establishement

A greenhouse projet needs to be developed step by step…

Need helps?

If you want to install a climate control system, design an irrigation system, to build or expand a greenhouse, we would be happy to assess your needs and give you an estimate for your project.

We can provide you a valuable support

Once you have decided on the type of crop you would like to grow, resource people will assist you in determining how large the greenhouse(s) you want to build should be and in planning your entire project.

Our consultants will work with you and for you on:

  • Determining where the greenhouse should be located on your site
  • Considering water supply
  • Considering electrical facilities
  • Providing protection against prevailing winds
  • Reducing heat loss
  • Choosing and designing a heating system
  • Conserving heat
  • Good surface draining and good drainage
  • Planning the necessary space for workrooms, products and fuel storage, etc.
  • Planning for company growth
  • Choosing between attached and detached greenhouses
  • Determining the type of structure, shape, size, etc. depending on the geographic location, type of crop and limitations
  • Seeing to construction details (doors, casing, insulation, irrigation, etc.)
  • And more.
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