About us

A mission to accomplish

Groupe Horticole Ledoux Inc. continues to grow. We are specialised in the procurement of equipment and supplies needed in greenhouse production of ornamental and vegetable crops.

Our main goal is to optimize greenhouse performances using advanced technology and the know-how of our devoted experts.

Efficiency, quality and rigour are the qualities that have led GHL Inc. to excellence.

Custumer satisfaction

Aware of market globalization, Groupe Horticole Ledoux inc. has been expanding to reach clients in Europe, North and Central America since 1993. To this effect, we have established as of June 2002 a sister company in Mexico.

As knowledgeable managers and horticulture specialists, greenhouse owners often buy their own products and equipment. They are concerned with optimizing the quality of their crops. To achieve this, they can rely on GHL Inc.’s knowledge.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and our customers’ loyalty is proof of their satisfaction.

A story you have to know

Groupe Horticole Ledoux Inc. was born in August 1992 in the basement of the family’s home. The company has specialized itself in supplying equipment and supplies in greenhouse market, gardening and ornamental production since it was established.

One year later, in 1993, the company made its first sales in Mexico, and in 1995, it broke through in the U.S. market. As a result of the company’s rapid growth, in January 1997, GHL Inc. set up its head office in the industrial park of the municipality of St Hélène, near St Hyacinthe. In December 1998 and again in December 2000, the company was forced to expand its premises.

In January 2001, a new niche would emerge: the local production of pollinizing bees for greenhouse plants. GHL Inc. would establish a bee farm with optimal reproduction capabilities. Proud of its ongoing growth and eager to provide services above industry standards, the company introduced the ISO 9001:2000 quality system in March 2002, since its main activity was merchandise distribution. Its quality policy is to provide service well above industry standards in terms of the information given to clients, appropriate products offered, the quality of logistics services provided and follow-up on the needs of customers and the industry in general.

In November 2001, a sister company in the greenhouse field was established. Entreprise Energiser Inc. specialized in heating systems sales and installation. Carrying on its momentum, Groupe Horticole Ledoux Inc. would set up shop in Mexico in June 2002.

To date, GHL Inc. has 18 employees who are happy to share their knowledge and actively participate in the quality process of products and services.

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