Argus control system

Healthy vegetation in a comfortable environment


Argus controlsIn big greenhouses, we install computerized climate control system that provide excellent environmental conditions.


For small and medium-sized greenhouse, we have developed a system providing superior control.





High quality climatic control system installation


ARGUS' computerized greenhouse climate control system is high performance and reliable. Argus manufactures greenhouse computers for all type of greenhouses. They provide integrated systems for greenhouse climate control, irrigation and nutrient management systems.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or for a free evaluation.




Climate control system installation service


Choosing a climate control system or multi-climate control systems depends on many factors. However, certain parameters are a must in order to find exactly what you are looking for:


Would you prefer a centralized system?       



If so, do you have several work stations?  






Do you have many control units spread out on your site?



What is the area to be controlled?

sq ft


How many zones need to be controlled?


NB: A zone is defined as being physically separate from other facilities. The division separating two zones can be very basic (e.g. retractable plastic). We strongly recommend that you have a physical barrier between zones in order to ensure that they are effectively and efficiently controlled.




What are the crops to be controlled?




Description of equipment to be controlled by zone




Type of equipment



Zone no




Your assessment:










Would you like to have a system installed?



Your budget:






















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