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-Argus environment control system

-Healthy vegetation in a confortable environement

-High quality climatic control system installation

-Irrigation and water treatment

-A special seed, a plentiful harvest!

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-Fertilizer injection system installation

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-Pre-wound hooks

-Tomato clips and other clips

-Tomato fruit trays

-Basic fertilizers (macro et micro elements)

-Performa globalys NPK soluble fertilizer formulations

-NPK soluble fertilizer formulations

-CUSTOM BLEND soluble fertilizer formulations

-Klerks greenhouse plastic covering

-West Penentone cleaning and disingection products

-I know which West Penetone greenhouse cleaning and disinfection product I want

-I need advice on West Penetone greenhouse cleaning and disinfection product selection

-Coconut substrate (growbag and bulk)

-Our coconut fiber substrate product line

-I want a CUSTOM MADE or a PRE-CUTE coco product

-Black or white geotextile ground cover


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-Basic fertilizers / Macro-elements

-Basic fertilizers / Micro-elements

-PERFORMA GLOBALYS water soluble NPK fertilizer formulations

-WEST PENETONE greenhouse cleaning and disinfection products


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